Things we love

Recently we completed a series of interview questions and were asked to name five things we love.  It was a much harder question than I expected.  It’s so easy to pick things we love, but how do you narrow it down to just five?!?  So, I thought I’d interject our normal posts with a quick list of things we love (Oprah style!):

~being alive~


~our dogs (holli, maude, cassie, sparky)~

~our bees (too many to name)~

~selling soap at farmers markets and festivals~

~ our garden ~

~ our six acre little piece of heaven ~

~the smell of lavender~

~(almost all) things french~

~the first organic sugar snap pea eaten right off the vine~

~the first organic tomato (most often eaten by the dogs) ~

~rosetta’s kitchen (asheville, nc)~

~lan vang (charlotte, nc)~

~sage cafe (chapel hill, nc) ~

~ the quietness of the country~

~the thought of becoming as self-sufficient as possible~

~our customers (of course!)~


What do you love?

(our favorite answer will receive a soap & lip balm gift set!)



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11 responses to “Things we love

  1. Alex

    I love my family, my bf, hiking through the woods, cheese, and bananas. Interesting list no? 🙂

  2. Stephanie Fortunato

    I love:
    *the smell of autumn
    *fall harvests
    *the smell of the basil I grow on my windowsill
    *the beach
    *having friends who are as goofy as me 🙂
    *my fiance
    *my parents
    *my rabbits, Loki and Frodo
    *the smell of tomato plants
    *moon flowers
    *lemons in iced tea
    *the way water drips off a plant after it’s just been watered
    *my herb garden


  3. I love my minty salt scrub….yum!

  4. This is hard, there is so much to LOVE:
    my new grandbaby boy, Atlas ~~my entire Crazy family~*flowers/herbs
    fresh raspberries~* a view of mountains~*swimming in the ocean
    reading in my bed ~* drinking wine in a beautiful Crystal glass
    organic tea~* soaking in a tub of herbal formulations
    hugging my hubby

  5. Courtney Eriksen

    I love waking up to a sunrise on a nice day, my two babies (kittens lol), my family, anything to do with outdoors and nature, climbing, improving myself, being informed enough to make good health and lifestyle decisions, gardening, and learning. And I love Belle Terre’s soaps and lip balm 🙂

  6. I love loud chirpy birds, the wind in my face, goat milk soap, making people smile, and Blackberry cream and walnut frozen yogurt 🙂

  7. I love the way my legs tingle after I’ve gone hiking.
    I love having my apartment filled with the people I love.
    I love putting food in people’s bellies.
    I love when my boyfriend sings ” If you want my body” to cheer me up.
    I love missing the characters of a really good book.
    I love planting in the garden with my students.

  8. Ernie

    I Love God,
    I Love my beautiful wife,
    I Love my kids,
    I Love being with my family,
    I Love going home to my family,
    I Love giving,
    I Love, loving,
    I Love the South
    I Love nice sunny day
    I Love sharing with people about the Lord,
    I Love seeing my kids grow.
    I Love life!

  9. bluebonnets
    smell of coffee

  10. that is a wonderful question, that I would love to answer. I love {in no particular order}…
    *pancakes on the weekend
    *coffee with cream
    *running on the california coastal trail
    *a live bluegrass show
    *sharing a bottle of wine with my boyfriend
    *socks and chocolate in the mail from mom
    *eating veggie tacos at our local taqueria {Tres Amigos} with lots of avocado and a bottle of coke.
    *gnocchi from scratch
    *receiving a letter or postcard in the mail from a far away friend.
    *the early morning
    *visiting new places {and returning to those places I will always call home}
    *splashing in mud puddles
    *new and old music on my record player
    *learning something new

  11. I love God
    My family
    My cats
    the sunshine

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