Earth Day Giveaway

Earth Day  is (appropriately) quite close to Belle Terre’s one year anniversary, so this is an exciting time for us. We frequently take an inventory of what we’ve done to ensure we are environmentally conscious and this is a great time to focus on that a bit more.

Personally we are trying to transition to a life that allows us to live closer to the earth, in a much smaller home, and to grow our own food.  We are expanding our apiary, working on plans for our home, and we’re developing our land to provide fruit and veggies for us.

From a business perspective, we started Belle Terre with the promise to ourselves that we would create a product that would be as eco-friendly as possible and we’ve held to that.  Our packaging is minimal and typically recycled, we use recycled shipping envelopes whenever possible, and we research our suppliers in order to choose only sustainable ingredients.

We recently asked ourselves how our packaging could be more sustainable and the answer was basically not to have any.  Sounds crazy?  It might be slightly nuts, but others are doing it and we think it works.  So, meet our new line of Naked Soap:

The bars are round (woohoo!) and are currently offered in three options:

  • Simply Shea – our basic soap recipe with added shea butter
  • Charcoal Shea – our basic soap with charcoal and shea butter
  • Tea Tree – our basic soap recipe with tea tree oil

The Simply Shea & Charcoal Shea soaps have no added essential oils so they are perfect for sensitive skin.  Tea Tree oil is known for its antibacterial properties.  All three are just soap.  Pure and Simple.   These new options are available now on our Etsy site.

The giveaway: What are you doing personally or professionally to increase your commitment to the environment?  One commenter will receive a free three pack of our new Naked Soap!  The winner will be chosen Wednesday April 27th.



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21 responses to “Earth Day Giveaway

  1. Stephanie Fortunato

    Personally, I’ve started buying more and more handmade and eco-friendly products. It started as a result of me developing bad eczema and having to start to use products that were good for sensitive skin. However, it turned into my love of products that were pure and simple, like you say. I have also started to try to learn how to garden so I can use my own herbs for cooking. I’ve been doing it for a year now and feel very successful 🙂 Professionally, I started a recycling program at my office. It’s nothing complex, but we make sure that all the paper gets put into bins and at the end of the week, we take the bins to the local church. They use the paper for projects and will then take the excess to a recycling center. These are small steps, but I’m working my way to bigger ones. I just love your products since I’ve started using them not too long ago! Thank you for your commitment to the earth!

    • belleterre

      Stephanie – I love the paper idea! At my day job, we’ve been trying to donate paper that’s written only on one side to a local school…they use it for craft projects for the kids. 🙂

  2. domestic diva

    We avoid plastics and packaging whenever possible, instead we choose natural materials and bulk purchasing.

  3. Tara C

    Great Giveaway- your soap is really lovely!
    We have a small organic garden where we grow many of our families veggies. We also try and shop local as much as possible.

  4. Love your soaps – was lucky enough to get one as a gift at xmas! Personally, my family are working together to cut back on buying items with excess packaging, we always use reusable bags, try to buy local as much as possible, including produce via a CSA and also handmade local gifts etc. I buy most of my clothes and my children’s clothes second-hand as opposed to new. Professionally, I use mostly vintage and upcycled/repurposed items in my jewelry design. I also package my wares in repurposed boxes/packing envelopes. I like the challenge of trying to eliminate waste and encourage recycling and reuse in as many facets of my life as possible. 🙂

  5. SP

    We are feeling good this year about joining an organic CSA and also that we are able to compost our sawdust using red worms. YEAH!!

    • belleterre

      We keep a worm bin in our garage (had them in the laundry room for a while!). Much fun….and easy to keep….and they provide fantastic fertilizer. Worm compost tea is a bit icky to make, but its worth it!

  6. Professionally, I use as many organic herbs from my garden during the warm months for my soaps. When packaging up my soaps for shipment, I use recycled materials for packing.

    I also try to do my part by being involved with our small community organic farm and egg collecting from chickens as well as canning all of our produce during the late summer months. It’s so much fun!

    • belleterre

      We love canning Tallulah! I’m still working through my jars of peach jam and pickles from last year. I’ve made a promise to myself to do more of it this year. Do you have a favorite recipe?

  7. At work, we’re embracing full digital and quitting the unnecessary use of paper. There are recycling piles at every “island” of desks and we banned plastic cups!

    • belleterre

      I SO want to ban plastic cups at my day job. It makes me cringe every time I see one! (Of course, I’m the crazy person who digs through the trash to pull out the cans and bottles that people “forget” to recycle).

      How did you convince people to give up the convenience of the cups?

  8. ikkinlala

    I am trying not to use the clothes dryer anymore. It’s been my guilty little wasteful indulgence for years, and I am running out of other things to change.

    • belleterre

      When we move to the land, we’re considered not even buying a dryer (eek!). It makes me nervous (what do you do in the middle of winter?!?), but I think it’ll be a good choice.

  9. Petra

    I’m making and taking my own lunch in a reusable bag! I save a lot of waste this way – no plastic wrappers, no disposable forks/spoons, etc. I bring everything home and wash it.

    We also try to not run the heater or A/C until it’s unbearable weather. We unplug all appliances when we leave for a weekend, and my husband stopped buying soda – both for his health and to cut down on the waste!

  10. Ooh! I found your blog! I will be following it for gardening tips!

    I love thrifting and buying second hand because it’s fun to turn someone else’s trash into my own treasure. I’ve given up my long time indulgence – book-buying. Instead I head to the library! I also take trash like cereal boxes and egg cartons to my work (I work in a children’s museum) for the kids to craft with.

    Most recently I took the a broken photo frame and converted it into an earring holder. I love the challenge of problem solving with whatever resources I have on hand, instead of buying from the stores.

    • belleterre

      I’m a book freak too. My schedule is a bit too crazy for the library, but I’m a big fan of It know the shipping is not ideal, but I get to “borrow” someone’s book and then pass it along to the next person who would like to read it.

      I love the idea of the picture frame! I wish I had seen your blog entry a couple weeks ago – I just purchased one of these from a fellow etsy seller 🙂

  11. Cortney

    My daughter and I have both made it our goal this year to remove the “triple P’ threats of pesticides, plastics, and parabens!! Changing my whole cleansing routine was a very easy first step to our goal this year. Thanks for the fab products that are exactly what I need!

  12. Serafinamia

    Hi – we compost every veggie bit, buy organic to reduce pesticide use and eat vegetarian to reduce the environmental cost of producing meat (among a host of other reasons). We recycle everything – sometimes even the neighbors’ cardboard or cast-off TVs. We also don’t poison our own yard, because ‘native grasses’ (aka, weeds!) are neat when mowed to uniform size!

    The old WWII slogan, ‘Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without,’ just might be useful again.

    • belleterre

      Wayne is officially enamored with that slogan. Your response is quite inspiring…thanks for participating and congrats. Please send your address to us and your soap will be on its way. I hope you enjoy it!

  13. I’ve been thinking about this question a lot lately to find ways we can improve on our eco- friendliness:) We buy very few products with packaging, including foods, we like to make our own food, I use recycled fabrics in my sewing, I like to turn the water off in the shower when I don’t need it, grow our own food, compost, I also make our own cleaning products, lotions, misters and we are currently looking for ways to make eco decor using recycled materials.

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